To install on Windows using pre-built binaries:
  • Download and run the GTKmm installer
  • Download the latest gander ZIP file
  • Extract the ZIP file to C:\Program Files
  • Add C:\Program Files\Gander\bin to PATH
    • Right-click My Computer and select Properties
    • Click the Advanced tab
    • Click the Environment Variables button
    • Under System variables, select Path
    • Click the Edit button
    • Go to the end of the Variable value field
    • Add ;C:\Program Files\Gander\bin
    • Click OK buttons of all windows that were opened
To install from source:
  • Download and extract the latest tar file
  • Change to the directory in a terminal
  • Enter ./configure
  • Install any missing dependencies
    • GTKmm
    • GTKGLext
    • GTKGLextmm
    • GLEW
  • Enter make
  • Enter sudo make install